Pointing-Red-Omni-8425-RESAMPLEDREDOX was formed in 1995 from the ashes of Tin Tin Tin, (1985-1995) becoming the MIGHTY Redox in 2008.

The name was originally chosen because two of the band, drummer Garry and bassist Sprog lived in Reading and singer, Sue Smith and guitarist, Phil Freizinger lived in Oxford – hence (slightly abbreviated – REDOX). It had nothing to do with catalyst reaction – which we knew nothing about initially!

Phil (guitarist/singer/flautist) and Sue (singer), have moved together between bands and duos and have also busked around various parts of the globe over the past…. 45 years.

After Sprog (bass) and Gary (drums) left – Tim Turan became our much sought after drummer, later to be followed by Nick Clack,
Darren Hasson Davis(July 2012) and then Rick J Nash (Dec 2012)

Dave Tomlinson became our bassist, was then followed by Ian Nixon and then for ten years- Gray Barlow 2003-2013.Currently,Sandro
Crucioli is Slapping and Grooving the bass.

THE MIGHTY REDOX has been known as a ‘swamp rock band’, however ‘psycho eclectic rock’ is the new description which fits us best.

THE MIGHTY REDOX have released three albums throughout their career, including ’45′(REDOX) with Tim and Dave. ‘BULLABURRA’ (2005) and ‘ON THE MOVE’ (2008) were recorded with Gray and Nick.

The band has toured extensively in the UK and France, and is a regular attraction on the UK festival circuit.

THE MIGHTY REDOX like to keep it fresh and make it rock!