The Mighty Redox

Holding-Sue-Red-Omni-8421 RESAMPLED
THE MIGHTY REDOX are the half punk/half hippy staples of Oxford music, playing upbeat psychedelic blues workouts of pure energy.

Veterans of the Festival Circuit they are consummate professional rockers and the Ultimate Party band!

Current line-up comprises Sue Smith, vocals and percussion, Phil Freizinger guitar and flute, and the cracking rhythm of Sandro Crucioli (bass) and Rick J Nash(drums).

Everyone can dance to the THE MIGHTY REDOX


The Mighty Redox — 2 Comments

  1. We saw 2 of you play at The Green Gathering. Really good fun. It looked like you were filming some of it. Our children were dancing to the last few songs. Are they available to see on the Internet?

    • Hi Dean-
      thanks for the email-we`ve had computer problems -Hence delay in replying-Unfortunately-it wasn`t us filming but the Raconteurs stage-
      They might be worth approaching via the G G website?
      Hope to catch up again soon-
      Phil Sue :):)

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